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Our Turkish trademark lawyers represent our clients before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office for patent,  trademarkdesign patent law, and utility model applications, appeals, and oppositions as well. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging companies to individuals.

Understanding Trademark Renewals in Turkey

In Turkey, trademarks are initially registered for a period of ten years. Once this period expires, trademark owners must initiate the renewal process to maintain their exclusive rights over the mark. Failure to renew a trademark can result in its abandonment, leaving it vulnerable to unauthorized use by competitors.

Trademark Renewals in Turkey

Renewal Procedures

The process of renewing a trademark in Turkey is well-defined but involves several critical steps:

  1. Early Preparation: It is advisable to begin the renewal process well in advance of the trademark’s expiration date, as applications submitted late may incur additional fees or risk rejection.
  2. Determine Eligibility: Before initiating the renewal process, ensure that your trademark is eligible for renewal. Trademarks that have not been used for a continuous period of five years or have been canceled due to non-use cannot be renewed.
  3. Required Documentation: The renewal application must include essential documents, such as a power of attorney (PoA) authorizing a trademark attorney to act on your behalf, a statement of use (if required), and the necessary official fees.
  4. Submission: Submit the complete renewal application and accompanying documents to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPTO).
  5. Review and Decision: The TPTO will examine the application for compliance with all legal requirements. Once approved, the trademark’s renewal will be officially recorded.
  6. Publication: The renewal of the trademark will be published in the Official Trademark Bulletin, providing public notice of the renewal.
  7. Certificate Issuance: Following publication, the TPTO will issue a new trademark registration certificate with an updated validity period.

Turkish Trademark Services

We offer our clients the full range of legal services encompassed by a branding strategy:

  • Trademark application and registration
  • Trademark renewals in Turkey
  • Prosecution and maintenance of trademarks
  • Principal and supplemental registrations
  • Trademark assignment, and franchising
  • Trademark infringement analysis
  • Civil litigation includes infringement and counterfeiting
  • TPTO litigation including opposition and appeals

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Trademark renewals in Turkey are a critical aspect of intellectual property management that should not be overlooked. By adhering to the renewal procedures and seeking the services of a reputable trademark lawyer, businesses can ensure the longevity and protection of their valuable brands.

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