How to File a Trademark Opposition in Turkey?

Trademark opposition in Turkey is a crucial aspect of protecting intellectual property rights in Turkey. When a company or individual files a new trademark application with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPTO), it opens the possibility for other parties to challenge the registration of that mark.

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This legal process, known as trademark opposition, plays a pivotal role in preventing the registration of potentially conflicting trademarks. Our Turkish trademark lawyers inform our clients regarding the reasons for trademark opposition in Turkey, the process of filing an appeal against the opposition, and the role of a skilled trademark lawyer in navigating through this complex legal landscape.

Reasons for Trademark Opposition in Turkey

Trademark opposition in Turkey can occur for various reasons, with the primary goal of protecting the rights of existing trademark owners. Some of the common grounds for opposition include:

  1. Likelihood of Confusion: This is one of the most prevalent reasons for opposition. If a new trademark application is likely to cause confusion with an existing registered mark, the owner of the pre-existing mark may file an opposition to prevent confusion among consumers.
  2. Similarity of Goods or Services: If the goods or services associated with the new trademark application are similar or closely related to those already covered by an existing registered mark, an opposition can be filed to safeguard the existing mark’s exclusivity.
  3. Descriptiveness or Genericness: Trademarks that are purely descriptive or generic may face opposition as they fail to serve the primary function of a trademark, which is to distinguish the origin of goods or services.
  4. Bad Faith: If the applicant’s intent to register a trademark is deemed to be in bad faith, such as attempting to capitalize on another company’s reputation or brand, opposition can be initiated.
  5. Geographical Indications: If the trademark application seeks to use a geographical indication that may mislead consumers about the origin of the goods or services, it may be opposed.
  6. Inherent Prohibitions: Certain trademarks may be prohibited by law, such as those contrary to public order, morality, or public policy.
Trademark Opposition in Turkey

Filing an Appeal against Trademark Opposition

If a trademark application is opposed by a third party, the applicant has the right to defend their case. The appeal process in Turkey is time-sensitive and involves the following key steps:

  1. Notice of Opposition: The opponent must file a Notice of Opposition with the TPTO within two months of the publication date of the trademark application.
  2. Counter-Statement: The applicant then has one month from the receipt of the Notice of Opposition to file a Counter-Statement, providing arguments and evidence to rebut the grounds of opposition.
  3. Evidence Submission: Both parties have the opportunity to submit evidence supporting their respective positions. The TPTO will evaluate the evidence to make a decision.
  4. TPTO Decision: After considering the arguments and evidence from both sides, the TPTO will issue a decision either upholding the opposition or rejecting it.
  5. Appeal to Courts: If dissatisfied with the TPTO’s decision, either party can appeal to the specialized IP courts within two months.

Our Services for Trademark Opposition in Turkey

Navigating through the trademark opposition process in Turkey requires in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law and considerable expertise in legal strategy. Our trademark lawyers can provide invaluable services, including:

  1. Comprehensive Analysis: Conduct a thorough search to assess the risk of opposition before filing a trademark application.
  2. Opposition Handling: Assisting clients in responding to opposition notices, crafting persuasive counter-statements, and compiling robust evidence in support of their case.
  3. Appeals and Litigation: Representing clients in appeals before the TPTO and, if necessary, before the specialized IP courts.
  4. Legal Strategy: Develop effective legal strategies to overcome opposition and secure trademark registration.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Advising clients on potential opposition risks and taking proactive measures to minimize them.

Turkish Trademark Services

We offer our clients the full range of legal services encompassed by a branding strategy:

  • Trademark application and registration
  • Trademark renewals in Turkey
  • Trademark opposition in Turkey
  • Prosecution and maintenance of trademarks
  • Principal and supplemental registrations
  • Trademark assignment, and franchising
  • Trademark infringement analysis
  • Civil litigation includes infringement and counterfeiting
  • TPTO litigation including opposition and appeals

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