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Turkish Citizenship with Bank Deposit is Fast & Easy

Turkish Citizenship with Bank Deposit

Legalixa Law Firm represents clients in obtaining Turkish citizenship with bank deposit of 500,000 USD. Turkey offers an enticing citizenship-by-investment program that allows foreign investors to obtain citizenship in exchange for making a substantial financial commitment to the country. We…

Turkish Litigation Lawyers: Excellent Team

Turkish Litigation Lawyers

When legal battles arise in Turkey, securing victory demands more than knowledge—it requires a strategic ally. At Legalixa Law Firm, our distinguished team of Turkish litigation lawyers navigates the intricate legal landscape with finesse, ensuring your interests are safeguarded at…

Work Permit Lawyers in Turkey: Excellent Team

Work Permit Lawyers in Turkey

At Legalixa Law Firm, our dedicated team of work permit lawyers in Turkey is committed to simplifying the complex legal landscape, ensuring your work permit journey is hassle-free and efficient. Table of Contents With years of experience and a profound…

Expert Citizenship Lawyers in Istanbul

Citizenship Lawyers in Istanbul

Our citizenship lawyers in Istanbul are prepared to assist you to buy real estate worth more than 400,000 USD or opening a bank account to deposit 500,000 USD to get Turkish citizenship & passports with investment. Table of Contents We’re…

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